A. Electrocardiogram  
B. Treadmill/Stress Test  
C. Neuropsycho Screening  
D. Ultrasound  
A. Premier Cards  
Prime Care Premier Cards entitles the cardholder to consultation and laboratory fee benefits.  
Three types of cards are available: basic, for a P500 annual fee; Plus, for P1000 annual fee and Max, for a P1,500 annual fee. The basic cardholder is entitled to one free (family medical) consultation, unlimited medical consultation at P200 each,10% discount for medical specialist consultation, for laboratory tests and dental procedures and X-ray procedures, plus free eye refraction. Additional benefits include one free dental consultation and discounts from Essence Spa, Executive Optical and Papa’s Roast and Seafood Resto-Bar.

The Plus cardholder gets all the benefits of the basic card holder plus an additional free (family medicine) consultation, a free routine laboratory test and chest x-ray. The Max cardholder gets all the benefits of the Plus cardholder plus an additional free (family medicine) consultation, one-time free simple oral prophylaxis, temporary tooth filling (maximum of two teeth), free one simple tooth extraction and one-time free blood chemistry package.

Prime Care Cebu was chosen the Most Outstanding Medical Service within Metro Cebu by the Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards Institute, the Asian Institute of Marketing and Entrepreneurship and the Sales and Marketing Magazine for undertaking “Best Marketing Practices” leading towards market dominance, good will, high level customer confidence and marketing acceptability. The award was given 15th October, 2005, at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Cebu City.

The primary cardholder can also enroll a maximum three extension cards, with the same benefits as the primary cardholder. For basic, each extension card costs P250; for Plus, each extension card is P750; and for Max, each extension card costs P1200 each.
B. Outsourcing  
The Medgruppe Polyclinics and Diagnostics Center, which has Prime Care as its outlet, has the resource to man the medical clinics of client companies. This clinic outsourcing entails a memorandum of agreement between Medgruppe and the client for the specific needs, duties and obligations of both Medgruppe and client.  
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